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From Tailors With Love

Nov 21, 2018

This week Matt and Pete take a look at all the Ivory Dinner Jackets in the James Bond series. 

In Bondian news Pete talks about what he's learnt from sitting through the DVD commentaries. 

Matt answers some listener mail about why Daniel Craig suits are too tight in the Spectre Pre-Title sequence. 

In Bond news Pete talks about the Tom Ford underpants and Christian Slaters appearance in the Brioni Essentials. 

The results are in from Wardrobe wars, who should James Bond's tailor be for Bond 25? 

Lastly Matt and Pete talk about the Ivory Dinner jackets and refer to Sean Connery's biography by Christopher Bray. 

Was Connery out of shape in Diamonds are Forever? 

Stay tunes at the end for some gossip on Marvin Hamlisch. 

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