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From Tailors With Love

Feb 25, 2022

This week, two parts. I ran out of storage on my phone so it cuts out halfway. The first part I talk about moving in to the new place and the discovery of foxes living under the podcast studio. 

Sceond half I discuss the For Your Eyes Only book by Ben McIntyre which I recently purchased at a thrift store. 

One thing it...

Feb 17, 2022

Hey this week a rather truncated episode. A two parter in one. Walking around the block twice with Roger we are greated immediateley by a big Alsation called Gnarler. Then we talk about the new podcast studio, Jack Reacher both films and TV series. Lastly I discuss a recent poll I put out on Twitter about James Bond...

Feb 11, 2022

As a little add on from my earlier walk I talk about a story that grabbed my attention in the paper on how a MET Officer got into trouble for chatting up a crime victim. A little like Bond would do. Also, reminding me of how I once chatted up a customer in the work place which ended up in a mini 2-hour saga disaster. 

Feb 11, 2022

A quick morning walk around the block with Roger. I talk about my 4th viewing of No Time To Die and the irksome dialogue that you only hear in movies. 


Feb 4, 2022

Today I take a walk around the block with Roger. I come up with a new idea on how to get a thank you from Anastasia's Mum for paying for lunch. 

Then there is some talk about the book and how I'm being a douche by just sending people links to buy the book everytime they ask me questions about James Bond's...