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From Tailors With Love

Mar 24, 2022

In this episode I speak to Ross Cooper, the man behind the amazing Arnold Schwarzenneger Fan Account: Schwarzenegger Movie Props.

Ross publishes some content from the Arnold Schwarzenneger movies, featuring memorabilia, behind the scenes action and deleted scenes.

I caught up with him for a chat on working with the auction houses, creating the content, life as a fan and ranking the films.

This is part 1 of which will hopefully be a 3 part series with Ross. Not a whole lot of style/costumes in this one, that will be in part two, but here is just a taster of whats to come.

1.55 - (Conan & Red Sonya)

4.42 - (Arnie & Sly)

6.58 - (Creating the content)

12.12 - (Auction houses)

18.05 - (Meeting Arnie)

20.36 - (Ranking the Arnie films).

More content around the costumes of Arnold Schwarzenneger can be found on the blog.

More from Ross over at:

Music Outro: John Pickup