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From Tailors With Love

Mar 17, 2023

In today's episode I give a field report from the Bollinger Bar, and how I came close to tears having to pay £7.50 for a bottle of small sparkling water. I also visit N.Peal, Floris, Globetrotter and Fortnum & Mason. Although admittedly, I only went in Fortnum & Masons to use the toilet.

We finished the tour in Floris and I made a purchase of the No.89 (Fleming's preferred scent).

There is a new feature on the podcast called One Minute Review where I give my thoughts on the fragrance. Although confession, I have no sense of smell so have lifted many of the thoughts from auto generated chat online. 

At the start I also talk about the Beaches of James Bond that I've frequented over the years, and discuss the legalities of taking small bottles of sand from said beaches. I digress and talk about my good fortune when someone from my hotel parasailed into a smack of white jelly fish, which resulted in me being given his fully inclusive drinks package. 

Lastly some listener mail, and a voice note I recorded on the peloton. 

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