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From Tailors With Love

Jan 8, 2020

In this episode we talk to Ian Maclean, Managing Director for John Smedley about their involvement in Skyfall. Short interview. (33 mins). 

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I open the podcast by talking about Daniel Craig at the Golden Globes and why Bond shouldn't be a woman. 

Then somehow talk about A Scent of a Woman, I also play some of the tango song Por Una Cabeza on the piano. 

No Matt Spaiser on this episode but Daniel Gastor fills in and talks about Skyfall and all the clothes he bought that are featured in the movie. (7.41 mins) 

Some technical issues happened when I recorded so some choppy distortion does occur. Please bare with me as I try and get through the technical glitches. 

All the links plus my 'No Time to Diary' feature will appear on the blog, with links to the iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, etc in the next couple of days.