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From Tailors With Love

Jul 17, 2019

In this episode Pete sits down for a chat with jewellery designer Sophie Harley. Sophie designed the Algerian Love Knot for Casino Royale and as part of the James Bond influencer day Pete managed to sit down for a quick chat at her studio near Notting Hill. 

To see all the imagery visit Pete's blog

To book an appointment with Sophie visit her website

In anything Bondian Matt talks about the younger generation and their relationship with Bond. 

Pete talks about going to Millbrook where they filmed the car crash from Casino Royale

In the news Matt discusses the new Tom Ford seen on Daniel Craig around Hammersmith. 

They also take a quick look at the Formula 1 Red Bull jump suits.


Check out Moore Fest. OCT 13th Cinema Museum. As discussed on the podcast. 

Check out Secret Cinema, tickets available until OCT 6th. Pete has written a blog on what to wear you can follow links to the box office on his page. 

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