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From Tailors With Love

Apr 11, 2021

In this #SundayBest episode I speak to Matt Spaiser of Bond Suits (BondSuits.Com) about one of his favourite stylish non-Bond flicks, Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol

We discuss the tuxedo and how it differs from the Rogue Nation one. Also that electric blue suit that Hunt wears to Dubai. What choices did the costume designer Michael Kaplan make that grounded these scenes in reality and did Tom Cruise nail those switcheroo captain-to-tourist costumes in one take? Of course he did. 

Full show notes by Sajid from Niven Tailors on how to get that electric blue suit over on the blog now.

(0-8.40 mins) I give an update on the book, dentist visits, horror stories from the golf course and some shoutouts.